Andrew Jin-Meng Wong

Code monkey, hardware enthusiast, photographer and wannabe musician. Also really interested in audio/visual production, flashing lights and all that bass 🔊 Currently a Computer Engineering student at the University of New South Wales.


University - UNSW Sydney (current)

Expected Graduation: 2022

Computer Engineering (2020 - present)
Electrical Engineering / Computer Science (2018 - 2019)

High School - Sydney Technical High School

💻 Computing

Interested in things related to security, multimedia and communications.

Cyber security risks and concerns for information security have become so prevalent in this day and age. I’ve come to appreciate the necessity to both understand and promote cyber vigilance to all. I’ve had my fair share of fun in writing my own C2, RAT, fuzzer and even my very own Capture The Flag server! I also used to teach the cyber security undergraduate and postgraduate courses to UNSW.
Oh, I also wrote a thesis paper about hacking into a vacuum cleaner!

Giant LED walls, live show programming, geeking out on new microphones, cameras, stacking layers of compression… Digital technology has continued to improve the production value of TV, music, videos, theatre, concerts and so much more. These have been my creative outlets - spending time doing AVL, photography, videography and music. Combine these things with tech, and it gets so much more interesting! I’ve worked on several projects that have enabled me to tie my interests together and enjoy them simultaneously!


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Other Cool Stuff

🎧 Music

Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Guitar!
Currently figuring out how to hold a violin…

🏓 Sports!

Table Tennis! I also got into bouldering and climbing recently…

Back in highschool, I represented my school in their 1st Grade Opens A team for multiple years. Whilst younger, I also represented them in the Under 14s A team.

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