Wordle Adventures


First things first… I can’t believe people get paid by news companies to talk about the answers? WHO READS THESE THINGS JUST PLAY THE GAME.

Job security innit’

If you really want to keep your streak you could just head over to the good ol’ developer tools and look at the localStorage, or hey start off your cyber career and just modify hack the game statistics 🤷‍♂️

Anyhow, because a single word isn’t hard enough (It’s actually quite easy) - I’ve been playing Octordle instead, where you have to solve all 8 words in only 13 tries. It’s harder for sure, but makes the feeling of winning better.

ANYHOW, so to join in the Wordle spin-off hype, I thought it would be nice practice to recreate the game - adding my own little flairs (see below). I designed the game with a word list targeted towards students for UNSW’s COMP6441 / COMP6841 / LAWS3040 course

Presenting… SECedu Wordle

🎮 Play Game

 GitHub: featherbear/secedu-wordle

It features 5 and 6 letter words related to the concepts that the students had learned in class.

It also features (well has the capability to feature) word effects that add visual appeal to the word solution. I added an obligatory rick roll 😜

According to my website traffic statistics, around 80 people (out of roughly 300 students) had visited… I guess

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