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Day One - Introduction to Python

Day Two - Microbits

Microbit by BBC is a small piece of hardware with all sorts of sensors and outputs.
The uni purchased 20 of these!
Unfortunately, the accelerometer module isn’t the best, and alot of the students couldn’t get one of the workshop instructions working.

The first activity was to build a firefly, using the wireless radios on the Microbit.
When the button is pressed, the LEDs would light up, also lighting up other nearby Microbits.

So… I could write a radio spammer… [hmmmm](javascript:alert('Not implemented!')).

The second objective of the day was to build a reflex game - where you time how long it takes you to press the button from when some event happens.
Most students used the LED as the event soure, a few used audio cues.

This activity was a good way to slowly ease the idea about ‘hacking the system’ - if you hold the button before the game starts, you could win with 0ms on the clock.

The last objective was to create some sort of Bop-It game, with the button and sensors.

Some of the older kids didn’t really want to do these stuff as it was abit menial.. I’d think so too.
So instead they decided to transcribe the Mii Channel theme song for the Microbit…

I decided to join in the fun.

Day Three - Game Development

Pygame is a graphics/game library for Python that gives us a canvas to put things on!
The students created their own version of Space Invaders; coding in the player, the enemies and missiles!

There were a few challenge activities, such as being able to shoot missiles.

See my version of the game: GitHub

Day Four - Website Development

Flask is a Python web microframework that allows people to serve (non-static) websites.
PythonAnywhere kindly gave us some free accounts on their Education plan :)

In terms of content, we didn’t follow what was written - because the actual person who had written the content.. was erm… MIA.
So instead of making a blog site (w/ SQL), we just taught the basics of website development and got people to make a page of whatever they wanted

Day Five - Security

The last day of the workshop (nooo) was security day, where they talked about lockpicking, ciphers and then hosted a small Capture the Flag game.
I felt that ciphers were a bit hard to teach to highschoolers (especially a whole class), because if you don’t understand one bit, you’ve immediately fallen behind the rest of the class.
And… cryptograpy in general is quite brain intensive..

The CTF was fun, although we had one technical issue with the server. (_Don’t use Flask’s development server in production!)

# Winter CompClub 2018 CTF

if else

Follow the logic of the code


Flag: FLAG{F0UND_Y0U!}
There is a code hidden on the door frame of the computer labs


Flag in the description

Bad Magic

Flag: FLAG{St4y_Saf3}
There is JavaScript in the challenge page that makes the page go back, or turns white. Disable JavaScript to continue (or just look at the source code)

Plain Sight

The flag is hidden in white font. Select the text to find it (or just look at the source code)

Parse the Parcel

The flag is encoded in the given Base64 string (without padding). Use a Base64 decoder JavaScript has the function atob(string)

The Official Flag

Inspect the hex codes of each colour and combine them together.

Colour One: #464C41
Colour Two: #477B57
Colour Three: #495A41
Colour Four: #52447D

Combine the hex codes into the string 464C41477B57495A4152447D

Convert this series of hex numbers into ASCII to get the flag


Flag: FLAG{1T_always_B3gins_w1th_Rec0n}
There is a flag in the browser cookies of the workshop’s main site

Needle in the Stack

Flag: FLAG{U5e_A_MaGneT_to_finD_N3eDles}
Remove every second letter in the block of text and search for the flag

Doing a regex for /F.L.A.G.{.+?}/ we get F1L2A3G4{5U657e8_9A0_1M2a3G4n5e6T7_8t9o0_1f2i3n4D5_6N332e1D2l3e4s5}

var flag_obfs = "F1L2A3G4{5U657e8_9A0_1M2a3G4n5e6T7_8t9o0_1f2i3n4D5_6N332e1D2l3e4s5}";
var flag = "";
for (var i = 0; i < flag_obfs.length; i++) {
	flag += i % 2 == 0 ? flag_obfs[i] : "";


Flag: FLAG{TransP0sit1on_mainT4n5_Fr3quenC1es}
Switch every two letters

var flag_obfs = "LFGAT {arsn 0Pis1 tnom_ iaTnn 4_5rF q3euC ne1}s";
var flag = flag_obfs.replace(/ /g, "").split("");
for (var i = 1; i < flag.length; i += 2) {
	var temp = flag[i-1];
	flag[i-1] = flag[i];
	flag[i] = temp;

#tag javascrypt

Flag: FLAG{sp3llb0und}
Enter the string qah0oyy3cf into the URL hash / anchor.

This string is a Rot13 cipher that has been reversed

const flag = "FLAG{sp3llb0und}"
var flag_rot = flag.replace(/[a-zA-Z]/g,function(a){return String.fromCharCode(("Z">=a?90:122)>=(a=a.charCodeAt(0)+13)?a:a-26)})
// "SYNT{fc3yyo0haq}"

// Reverse the contents of the flag
// "qah0oyy3cf"

!location.hash[1]&&alert("Tag, you're it!\n(hint hint)");
(window.onhashchange=()=>(__ = (_ = location.hash).substr(1)) && alert(__ != '\x71\x61\x68\x30\x6f\x79\x79\x33\x63\x66' ? "Nope, try again." : ("Flag: " + ("SYNT{" + __.split("").reverse().join("") + "}").replace(/[a-zA-Z]/gi, s => String.fromCharCode(s.charCodeAt(0) + (s.toLowerCase() < 'n' ? 13 : -13))))))()

Pandora’s Box

Flag: FLAG{magical}
The flag is the second last word of the question description

Lost in Numbers

Flag: FLAG{36}
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15
1 + 5 = 6
6^2 = 36

Jittery Negotiations

Flag: FLAG{caffeinated(Kim,Kim)+1}
Given the two objects that we have, we won’t be able to make the return value of caffeinated(..., ...) true… so we’ll cheat and add one! In Python, any non-zero number is considered true

No Greek in ASCII

Flag: FLAG{bry@gmail.c?m}
Note - the ? is the Greek lowercase omicron, not the English letter o

The First One

Flag: FLAG{4nd_wh3re_2_f1nd_th4m}
On the Encryption slides

Untrained Vision, Inner Peace

Flag: ``

Steganography Steganography

Flag: FLAG{Hipsters}
Hidden flag on the Encryption slides.
Every first letter: feel loss and grief {Hiding in plain sight troubles every reasonable scientist}

Scamander’s Flea

Flag: ``

Dementor Massacre

Flag: ``

Sneaky SQu1rr3L 1

Flag: FLAG{join_the_dark_artz}
SQL Injection! Thankfully there is debug information which allows us to more easily understand what injections we are performing

Inject this into the username field: ' OR 1--

Borderline Impossible


It’s actually quite possible! Hints are in the question. The numbers we see point to the character in the code. The number right after the character points to the next one… Rinse and repeat!

# # Embed our flag and hints
# 5 x x x x F 2 x L 6 x x x x x A 6 x x x x x G 1 { 3 x x M 3 x x I 5 x x x x I 9 x x x x x x x x - 2 x M 4 x x x E 1 S 3 x x }
## Pad the string to make it 64 pairs
# 5 x x x x F 2 x L 6 x x x x x A 6 x x x x x G 1 { 3 x x M 3 x x I 5 x x x x I 9 x x x x x x x x - 2 x M 4 x x x E 1 S 3 x x } 00
## Encode the hint numbers to hex
# 35 x x x x F 32 x L 36 x x x x x A 36 x x x x x G 31 { 33 x x M 33 x x I 35 x x x x I 39 x x x x x x x x - 32 x M 34 x x x E 31 S 33 x x } 00
## Encode the flag into hex
# 35 x x x x 46 32 x 4C 36 x x x x x 41 36 x x x x x 47 31 7B 33 x x 4D 33 x x 49 35 x x x x 49 39 x x x x x x x x 2D 32 x 4D 34 x x x 45 31 53 33 x x 7D 00

## Fuzzing, from a list of 2x 0-9, 2x -, 1x A-Z
fudge = ['30', '31', '32', '33', '34', '35', '36', '37', '38', '39', '2D', '30', '31', '32', '33', '34', '35', '36', '37', '38', '39', '2D', '41', '42', '43', '44', '45', '46', '47', '48', '49', '4A', '4B', '4C', '4D', '4E', '4F', '50', '51', '52', '53', '54', '55', '56', '57', '58', '59', '5A']
string = "35 x x x x 46 32 x 4C 36 x x x x x 41 36 x x x x x 47 31 7B 33 x x 4D 33 x x 49 35 x x x x 49 39 x x x x x x x x 2D 32 x 4D 34 x x x 45 31 53 33 x x 7D 00".split(" ")

import random
for i in range(len(string)):
  if string[i] == "x":
    string[i] = random.choice(fudge)

print(" ".join(string))

35 42 38 38 4A 46 32 44 4C 36 42 34 59 32 32 41 36 55 54 44 36 4A 47 31 7B 33 49 32 4D 33 39 4F 49 35 56 50 59 5A 49 39 54 37 5A 58 36 33 35 38 2D 32 56 4D 34 45 2D 38 45 31 53 33 45 48 7D 00

# That being said My face is on the new HS1917 brochure! HS1917 is a computing course for year 10-12 students in high school; not that I had the opportunity to do it :(

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