The Volunteering Experience @ KYCK 2022 | Week 1


KYCK is a weekend-long conference for high schoolers to grow in their Christian faith together. It runs during the (Australian) term 1 break, and attracts around 6000 attendees.

For KYCK 2022, I (again) volunteered to help run some cameras for the IMAG.

Work Clothes

⬛ Black ⬛ clothes ⬛ are ⬛ all ⬛ you ⬛ need ⬛

Pre-KYCK Snack

So this year they’re using a bunch of Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2 cameras and and and they have zoom + focus controllers! (At least some of the cameras did).
Last year they used a bunch of Sony camcorders (ehhh)

Annual Alfafa Bean Refill

Allen & Heath dLive S5000 w/ Waves processing

On Stage

Home Time!


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