The Volunteering Experience @ KYCK 2021 | Week 3


KYCK is a weekend-long conference for high schoolers to grow in their Christian faith together. It runs during the (Australian) term 1 break, and attracts around 6000 attendees.

I graduated highschool back in 2017, so I haven’t been back to KYCK since then.
This year, I decided to volunteer at KYCK to do Audio Visual stuff! (of course you would.)

In terms of AV stuff, most of the core tasks (i.e. FOH sound, monitors, lyrics, video switching) are done by professionals (CrossTalk, NW Group, LKR Productions, ???) - which makes sense as you wouldn’t expect a volunteer to be up to par with what is required. Also you don’t want to blame volunteers for things to go wrong!

That leaves the volunteer roles to IMAG! Namely camera operating

We (the AV volunteers) were each stationed to a camera - some sort of Sony camcorder - which is great because the last time I had touched a Sony camcorder was only a few weeks back from my client engagement with UNSW SECedu.

They had rented out the camcorders from Videocraft (as does UNSW Hospitality), but it was a shame that they didn’t have a tally light, nor a remote control tripod handle - both which would have been a huge help - especially for me. I also didn’t have an AC power adapter on my camera, so I had to swap out the batteries every while and then

I was stationed at the front, right next to upstage - and my camcorder was on a dolly. This consequently meant that I had no chair to sit on as I would have to be moving around. Oh and also - unlike the other camera positions - I need to keep adjusting my zoom and P/T whenever the speaker moves. I had to stand for all six sessions… that’s almost 8 hours of being chair-less :c

It wasn’t the most ergonomic experience, and I had to have my hand held near the zoom ring constantly for those 8 hours.

Ah well!

Thanks to my brother for taking the only a photo that proves that I actually was there helping.

Edit: Here’s another one, thanks Lucy.


On the Saturday, there’s a 7 hour block of free time to do whatever you want.
Eat, sleep, sightsee, go on a hike… or if you’re a uni student nearing exams… study…

But don’t worry, watching videos at 2x speed is my skill! After cramming some lecture content, I went out around the Blue Mountains for some fresh autumn air!

Bump Out

Having volunteered in the final week, we had to bump out the equipment.
In benefit of the production companies engaged at KYCK, we (the AV volunteers) all had production experience and so we were able to help pack away the equipment


What’s the best time of the day? Meal time.
Jokes. Eating is boring sometimes - but hey it’s a necessity

I didn’t really take photos of the meals because they’re just camp foods (Courtesy of KCC Mountain Camp) but regardless they were nice!

Breakfast was cereal / toast / yoghurt / fruit, with some sort of hot food that I didn’t eat.
Lunch - Burgers
Saturday Dinner - Pasta

In an effort to still post a photo, here is also some photo from my Friday lunch at Papa Rich before I headed to KYCK.

Alright and here’s my signout photo :)

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