SWEC Weekend Away 2022 | Production Notes


Last week my church held our 2022 weekend away at Stanwell Tops. In other words, it’s another chaotic week of planning and transporting AV equipment!



Although transporting a console with physical faders would have been nice, logistically it was easier to bring PreSonus StudioLive 24R Series III console, which is a fully featured 2RU console.
We set up a (W)LAN network so that we could use an iPad (running UC Surface) and a touch-screen AIO computer (i.e. Lenovo M93z) running Universal Control.

There was a computer stationed on stage (where the mixer was) for doing multitrack recording (ideally this computer should be at our AV station). The computer also routed NDI audio signals to the console, and routed the Broadcast aux feed over NDI to the streaming computer running OBS.


The main program feed was split to the projector, an on-stage TV, and a local monitor.
On stage, another Lenovo M93z AIO computer was used to receive the stage display (or main program) feed over NDI


I set up three cameras as inputs to OBS; with the NDI plugin and Downstream Keyer plugin installed. I had also found and installed the Durchblick multiview plugin - which offers better customisation over the multiview.

A lyrics feed was sent over NDI to OBS from the Pro7 computer; which I could key in with the Downstream Keyer plugin. I’d love for that plugin to be extended so that I could use the Streamdeck to control the keying… Maybe I’ll implement that myself when I get the chance

It’s all pretty cool when everything is set up! Maybe we’ll have some better cable management next time haha!

So we brought a TV…

We brought a 50” (or so) TV and packed it into the car; covering the rear seat space - so a lot of tetris had to be done to fit the rest of the equipment nicely into the boot space.
When we reassembled it and powered it on… we weren’t getting any power light! 😱

So it turns out that the TV had a power switch at the base - that none of us were ever aware of.. We thought we had damaged the display panel, or some circuitry inside.
But we were certain we transported it safely…

At least now we know. Did you try turning it off and on?

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