SWEC Audio Mixer Upgrade


My church recently went from an analog audio console (Yamaha MG24/14FX) to a digital console, the Presonus StudioLive 16.

Why digital?

The Parts

PreSonus StudioLive 16 Series IIIConsoleAU$2399.20Product
PreSonus StudioLive 24R Series IIIStage Box / ConsoleAU$1279.20Product
8x TRS (m) to XLR (m)Cable$AU$19.92eBay
4x TRS (m) to 2x TS (m)CableAU$16.56eBay
ARTcessories P16XLR Patch BayAU$149Product
2x Neutrik NE8MCCable ConnectorAU$11.83Product
Ethernet CablesCable$-
?x Behringer PowerPlay PM1Belt PackAU$52 x nProduct
XLR CablesCable$$-


Installation took a little over 8 hours doing something like the following:

And don’t forget lunch - which my friend’s mother kindly prepared for me!

In-Ear Monitoring

Essentially I had two types of IEM mixes, 4 mono mixes and 4 stereo mixes.
For the mono mixes it was simple, a TRS (m) to XLR was sufficient
For the stereo mixes, I had to take two mono outputs, combine them into a stereo TRS, and convert it to an XLR cable.

The Behringer PM1 belt packs use pin 1 for ground, and pins 2 & 3 for left and right.
Absolutely no standard for stereo over single XLR, huh.

24R to the P16

The StudioLive 24R had 12 balanced TRS outputs, which I wanted to connect to the the ARTcessories P16 XLR Patch Pay.
Note that these are mono outputs, so I had to purchase a few 2x TS (m) to TRS (f) cables

XLR to TRS Cables

The cables that I bought were TOO SHORT OH NO!

I had spare microphone cable cuttings lying around, so thankfully I was able to make my own.
(My soldering iron is screwed up, the tip wasn’t hot and I had to use the sides of the iron to do my soldering…)

Alternatively, I had some XLR to TS cables lying around, though for all of them pins 1 and 2 were bridged.
I could have desoldered them, and used copper conductive tape to bridge pins 2 and 3, but I didn’t want to makeshift it

These cables were connected to the ARTcessories P16 XLR Patch Bay


The Behringer PM1 is a battery-less belt back that takes in a ‘Stereo XLR’ and converts it to a 1/8” TRS jack.
There’s a volume knob for personal level control

Stereo XLR Pin-out
Pin 1 - GND
Pin 2 - Left
Pin 3 - Right

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