PreSonus StudioLive API - December 2021 Update


Merry Christmas ya’ll 🎄
My November to December has been pretty busy; working full-time, on top of my thesis 🤖🧹 and other concurrent projects. Despite that - here’s this month’s update of my progress for my StudioLive API.

 GitHub: featherbear/presonus-studiolive-api

TypeScript-ing (again)

I cleaned up a bunch of files and updated the internal documentation. 🤷‍♂️

Channel Parsing

 GitHub: featherbear/presonus-studiolive-api/issues/3

I updated the function signature for channel lookups, so that (future third party) API calls do not require the import of enum constants. Modifications to the MAIN and TALKBACK types will implicitly select their single-channel channel.

SL Edit

 GitHub: featherbear/SL-Edit

I’ve also made some work on the web integration of the API - I guess as a test bed to develop the API

Revisited metering


Oh yeah, I bought a PreSonus StudioLive 16R Series III a month or two ago.

I took a second look at the UDP metering packets, to figure out how the the data is mapped. Likely the channel types and counts are mapped by the model number (from discovery and connection)

MS Packet

I had a look at the MS packet, which seems to be responsible for the linear fader position. The PV packet (the actual stored volume) on the other hand contains the logarithmic value (makes sense, since it’s related to gain)

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