Livestreaming at UNSW (part 2)


This is part two of the blog post. Read part one here



And here’s a low quality flatlay

Screen Capture

I wanted to capture the content of the presentation computer, however I did not want a HDMI cable running across the floor to my station - I wanted a wireless solution. In addition, I would not have access to the presentation computer’s display connectors as they were physically locked up in the cabinet.

But, those lecture room computers are slow anyway - I was able to use a laptop as the presentation computer instead, which gives me much more flexibility; and also it was much stronger (not great, but better)!

Now, I could go use a wireless HDMI solution ($200 - $2000) but I opted to instead go for a WiFi solution with my overly self-advertised favourite network multitool - the NDI multimedia protocol!

I brought along a USB WiFi adapter, and a spare UniFi access point that I had - to create an ad-hoc network for all my production devices (Using NDI, I could also use/monitor any NDI stream on this network… extra cameras! output preview! many things!). The USB WiFi adapter would connect to the laptop (The internal wireless adapter would access the internet, and my USB adapter would be to connect to the production network), and the access point would be connected to my broadcast machine (laptop).

Quite luckily, the Scan Converter tool from NewTek can operate standalone without the installation of the NDI Tools package - which was a blessing as I (unfortunately) was unable to install software on the laptop without administrative rights

Camera Capture

In the pictures above you’d have seen a cheap $20 HDMI Capture. It’s quite amazing how cheap but performant this card is! I’ve asked them to purchase a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder 3G / Blackmagic Web Presenter HD / Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Mini / AJA U-Tap / Elgato CamLink 4K / Elgato HD60S+ / … but whilst that’s being procured, I let them use my el-cheapo capture card (I forgot to pack my HD60S+)

They had a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder, however it is not the 3G version (Thunderbolt 3) which therefore meant that I was unable to use it on my Windows laptop.



Event Reports

I guess I’ll write my updates here…

20210302 (first engagement)

Here’s a picture of me being sad and miserable because the presenter has 3 lapels on him.

Also the camcorder is too front-heavy, and the tripod head + plate doesn’t let me offset it far enough.

__* time to send them a better setup plan *__









Second last livestream! There was a guest presenter today who joined the lecturer for table talk and Q&A. I decided to bring along my EOS R for a B-Cam, and also used my phone as a C-Cam for the fun of it

Ahhh look at that Canon colour rendering (As seen in the Preview feed) ♥

Happy Customers

Give me a raise please thanks c:
And hey maybe I should join SecSoc… or maybe you should join

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