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 GitHub: featherbear/threes

I don’t really use my Instagram account all that much.
One reason is because I mainly post landscape and artsy photos, rather than portraits of people. I don’t care about the engagement statistics of my “viewers” - and I say “viewers” because my intended audience is myself, and my friends; I’m not in it for the number of likes.

And you shouldn’t be either too, it’s not healthy to be chasing fame from some arbitrary ‘like count’… I would recommend you to demetricate your Instagram

But another reason, is because… it takes up too much time to decide what to post, and for my previous feed style, I had split my photos into grid items - which was time consuming, and overall made me less inclined to post things on Instagram.

With some more free time, and having found some inspiration from looking at old photos, and collaborating with others for some fresh new content, I’ve decided to possibly start posting more things on my Instagram account. However - I’ve decided to abandon my grid style and just post things of my interest.

But, if I start to publish singular images, it will mess up the layout of my old grid photos - but I also can’t be bothered to delete my previous posts.. ugh

Caption: All is well

Caption: But all is not well. AAAAAH THE ALIGNMENT IS OFF

So instead? Write a program that fixes the layout of the grids!

Threes - the Instagram 3 x n content spacer

 GitHub: featherbear/threes

So I ended up writing a Python tool that checks the number of posts that I have on my account, and adds/removes (by virtual of unarchiving/archiving) placeholder images that would effectually correct any offset skew.

Basically it archives / unarchives some placeholder posts so that the alignments are correct :). Unfortunately if I post another 3 x n image, I’ll need to create another set of placeholder posts and update the tool to use those posts instead - But I’ll get there when I get there…

Also some Instagram handles of friends in my photos :)

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