Grounding (issues) begone! Fixing a noisy sound system


The power circuit in my computer room is rather noisy - there’s a lot of appliances and devices that use the power quite dirtily (ahem fridge). Unfortunately my audio gear is also attached to the same circuit, and as I cannot move or change the connection points, I’m met with lots of interference such as RF static, and even my own computer’s CPU and GPU coil whine. :(

I had ordered some cheap(ish) $3 Ground Loop Isolators from AliExpress to see if they would help fix this issue (EDIT: they did), and they arrived today!

I ordered 3 of these, as I have 3 audio outputs from my computer (APP, BGM, VOX).

Attaching them is simple, just place them inline along the signal path. And just like magic I no longer had any high pitch whining or buzzing!

Of course it’s not truly magic, it’s physics!

Inside the ground loop isolator is a pair of transformers (one transformer for each channel).
It uses transformers to electromagnetically transfer the audio from the source to the sink.

DC noise is therefore eliminated, as only AC signals are transferred magnetically.
In effect, this isolates the noisy ground from the AC (audio) signal - giving my RX1602 mixer a much nicer signal :)

Here’s an image of what the insides of the isolator looks like.

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