DIY 3-Channel WiFi RGB Breakout Board


Considering I don’t really want to add RGB lighting to my room (rather I just want cool whites an warm whites), the two RGB WiFi LED controllers I own are pretty useless…
After making these devices optimal, and now being able to control each individual channel easily within HomeAssistant, I decided to create a breakout board to independently control three channels with this unit.


With RGB LED strips, each channel pin is the ground / return for that channel, the common pin being the supply voltage.

The circuitry is rather straightforward (note to self, never buy a perfboard again šŸ„±).
Connect all of the supply voltage cables (white) to the same rail, and connect return cable to the respective channel pin.

Despite the bunch of wires and jumpers everywhere, this is realistically what’s going on
Perfboards aren’t my cup of tea, next time I’ll bulk buy a bunch of veroboards instead…

Dodgy Solderingā„¢

It’s not that bad actually :)

For most of my electronics projects, I’ve been using these 2-pin quick splice connectors as my electronics interconnects.
They’re quite handy, and I prefer these over a generic DC barrel jack as it slows me down in the event that I absent-mindedly connect a 24VDC supply to a 9V device…
Also these connectors are locking, and won’t disconnect as easily as a barrel jack.

I also dumped a bunch of hotglue on both sides of the circuit board to stop any potential future breakages

The devices I need to power come in all sorts of input types, from a standard barrel jack, to a JST connector, to just a pair of bare wires.
So the solution is to create a bunch of adapters.

Soon enough I’ll have almost as many dongles as I need to use a Mac.



So like, it works.

But was it really worth the effort hmm.

You can purchase a H801 WiFi RGBWW LED Controller for about AU$20; which gives you five outputs; and is also custom firmware flashable with its ESP8266 chip..

Oh well, all for the experience.

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