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UNSW Active Directory

Active Directory is a service developed by Microsoft that is often used in organisations to manage user accounts, groups, and computers on a network. You would most likely have seen this in your high school and even primary school! i.e. NSW DET for all NSW Schools.

At UNSW, you might have wondered why when you log in it’s zXXXXXXX@ad.unsw.edu.au. That ad stands for Active Directory!.

Anyway, so what can we do with this? Correlate and find information!
zID, names, email addresses, library card numbers, (some) course enrolment information, the last time you logged in and changed your password…

There’s a npm package that someone wrote called unsw-ldap which wraps over UNSW’s Active Directory

[CSE] Priv

There’s a script on the CSE logon servers at /usr/local/bin/priv, however it is not intended for students so most functions are restricted.

Finding Student Information

priv acc (or just acc) reveals your zID, CSE user ID, enrolled classes (courses), name, and email address (amongst other not so useful pieces of information)

[CSE] Finding People In A Course


Usage: members [options]

-z, --zid                        Sort by zid
-u, --show-username              Show primary username
-e, --show-email                 Show UNSW email
-l, --list                       List matching groups
-?, --help                       Show this help message

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