Company: Samsung

Who is Samsung

Samsung Group - Conglomerate

  • Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Biologics
  • Samsung Heavy Industries
  • Samsung Life Insurance
  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Samsung SDS
  • Samsung C&T

Samsung was founded in 1938, by Lee Byung-chul (South Korea). Expanded to 74 different countries


On the Basis of Human Resources & Technologies

  • Make the extension of human resource development and technical superiority with management principles
  • Increase the synergy effect of the whole management system through human resources and technologies

And Contribute to Society

  • Contribute for common interests and a rich life
  • Perform the mission statement by a member of the community


Samsung is committed to becoming a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in all of its communities worldwide.

We comply with laws and ethical standards

  • We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals.
  • We respect the basic human rights of all people. Forced labour, wage exploitation and child slavery are not allowed under any circumstances. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, religion, etc. and treat all stakeholders and parties like customers or employees.
  • We compete fairly in accordance to law and business ethics.
  • We comply with all rules of other countries and regional communities, respect market competition order and compete in a fair way. We do not make unfair profits by unlawful means from bad trade ethics. We do not give or take compensation gifts, bribes or treat people while conducting business activities.
  • We maintain transparent accounting through accurate accounting records.
  • We record and manage all transactions accurately to make all stakeholders clearly understand our business activities comply with accounting standards that are used internationally, as well as accounting regulations of each country. As prescribed by law, we are transparent with company information and the main aspects of management, such as financial changes in the company.
  • We do not intervene in politics and maintain neutrality.
  • We respect political rights and political decisions of a person, and do not conduct political activity within the company. We do not use the company’s funds, manpower, facilities, etc. for political purposes.

We care for the environment, safety and health.

  • We pursue eco-friendly management.
  • We comply with international standards concerning environmental protection, related acts and subordinate statute and internal regulations. We make constant efforts for environmental protection in all business activities such as development, manufacturing, sales, etc. We take the lead in effective use of resources, like resource recycling.
  • We put emphasis on people’s safety and health.
  • We comply with international standards concerning safety, related acts and subordinate statute and internal regulations. We obey safety regulations, create a comfortable work environment and prevent negligent accidents.

We are a socially responsible corporate citizen.

  • We perform basic obligations faithfully as an enterprise citizen.
  • We make an effort to raise faith in the company’s responsibility and obligation as a member of the regional community. We work hard for safe employment creation and sincerely understand the responsibility of tax payments.
  • We build relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners.
  • We aim to form two-way relationships based on mutual trust with our business partners and recognize them as strategic collaborators. We pursue collective growth and strive to strengthen the competitiveness of our partners through ethical and lawful support.
  • We respect the present social and cultural characteristics and have cooperative management (mutual prosperity/cooperation).
  • We respect the laws, culture and values of the regional community and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life. We keep an eye on developing a healthy society through public interest activities such as intellectual and artistic study, culture, sport activities, etc. We actively participate in social service activities like volunteer work, disaster relief, etc.


Slogan: "PlanetFirst" - Pursue corporate social responsibility and social management through business activities that put Earth first

  • Have laid out target KPI that drive the company's direction (figures removed for brevity)

    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • Compliance with Eco-Label standards
    • Collection of waste products
    • Recycling rate
  • Environment, Health & Safety Policy

  • Conform to regulations of REACH - SVHC - Substances of Very High Concern

  • Waste Production Collection

Resource Efficiency

  • 2020 - Goal of 100% use of sustainably sourced packaging
  • 2020 - 95% recyclability of product waste
    • Target passed in 2016 [supererogation]

Software and Electronics Standpoint

Increase product lifespan

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making products with high energy-efficiency
  • Provide firmware upgrades to improve product performance
  • Extend warranty period
  • Providing remote diagnostics
  • Providing diagnostic services by experts
  • Selling of refurbished products


Global Citizenship / Corporate Citizenship

  • Contribiting to society,
  • Sustainability - repair
  • Audit of suppliers