Project Maangement

Why do projects fail

  • Not understanding the customer
  • Unclear or changing requirements
  • Schedule overruns
  • Ineffective Teams

Waterfall Method

  • Top-Down control
  • Authoritative

Often management doesn't know the technical details... which can make telling the developers what to do... rather difficult

Mid to late 90s - RUP, eXtreme Programming, SCRUM, Crystal
Feb 2001 - Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Transitioning To Agile

Whilst a company's development process can change, the company's development values nd principles also need to change.

What makes a good product

  • Build the right product - Focus on what the market needs
  • Clear value proposition - Understand your product's value, how is it going to be different
  • Back it up with data
  • Prototype, test, iterate
  • Prototype, test, iterate
  • Prototype, test, iterate
  • Talk to customers

Atlassian's Experience Canvas


The experience canvas helps to hone down on the software features of a product from a user's perspective.